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There I was dreaming of how it would be to be in space. That has always been my main dream and one day I was going to achieve it and that is what happened. Right now I am going to tell you a story of how I entered the Infinity Knights.

One day, I was in my house with my beautiful family, and then we saw a report about a planet being attacked by a really powerful species, and that species destroyed the whole planet, we heard that they held captive some people that seemed important to them and that could help them destroy more planets. My mom and dad got near me and they told me to always be careful when I go out of the house, many things could happen in a matter of seconds. I told them that I will always be careful and take care of myself.

A few weeks later, I was walking from school to home and I saw a big navy ship that was right above me, then I saw the symbol and it was the same one to the one I saw on the report. I tried to run but then some soldiers landed on the ground, I used my special ability and all of a sudden I could see the soldiers in slow motion, I was running super-fast, that was my special ability, there are only some people in this planet that have special abilities, and I am one of them. As I was running super-fast I thought that they couldn’t see me, but then one of the soldiers took out a gun and the next second I realized I was trapped in a net, they started dragging me to the bottom of the ship, I realized that I was floating in the air and it was slowly dragging me to the inside of the ship. They took me out of the bag and put me handcuffs, and I started walking because they started pushing me. We the got to a big part of the ship, there was the general and the guards started talking a language that I couldn’t understand part of it, but I did know some words of what they were talking; I understood that they said to him that I had special powers and that he could be useful, apart from that I didn’t understand anything else. Then they took me to a prison cell ad threw me in there, one of them said in my language; that this was my prison cell and that I  were going to stay here for a long time.

That night I was really worried about my family I thought of them every second wondering if they were okay, if they have captured them I couldn’t do anything without them, I started get depressed. A few seconds later a guard came to my prison cell and dropped of some food, I started eating it like crazy, even though I didn’t know what it was, I was really hungry. After I finished eating, a guard came to my cell and opened the door he told me to go with him, and I refused, he got me and told me that he was a good guy and that he was trying to help me bringing me to a safe place. I started following him and he brought me to the ship area where all the ships were, he said to act calm, he then brought me to a ship, where he started the ship and we took off, but there was a problem, the ship was attached to the zone because this flight was not scheduled. Some soldiers started building a type of weapon, when it was ready they shot and the ship fell straight to the floor, we had really bad luck because they captured both of us and we were kept in our cells for a long time. So it was time to sleep.

The next day when I woke up the speakers of the ship were saying an announcement. Then a guard came to my cell and he got me, he then took me to the general and he said in my language that I was going to fight for them and help them conquer the planet. After a few minutes the guards got me and took me to the transportation area, and then the next second I knew I was on the planet surface. All of the guards started attacking the people except one that was guarding me and was holding me really hard. After the guards killed almost everyone the guard that was holding me forced me to capture people and to bring them back to him, after the guard let me go I refused to do the task that he gave me and I escaped using my special power. I tried to get as far as I could, and tried to help people to get as far away from the soldiers as possible. After I helped everyone, a soldier got near me and started punching me, and then I started punching him, I tried to get away running, but then he used a stun gun and he electrocuted me, and I couldn’t help it so I fainted.

When I woke up the soldier was not there and also not the big ship, I started looking around and there were none of those soldiers that had captured me. Then I saw other types of soldiers they used other uniforms, they talked to me and asked me questions, of how was I felling. So then I asked them about what happened when I fainted. They told me that they came and that there were a lot of soldiers from the Empire but they managed to beat them. They asked from where I came from and where was my family. Then I remembered about my family and I got really depressed, I told them that I didn’t know where they were. They felt sad for me, and they had an, idea, they told me that they could ask there general if I could enter their military. I told them that I always wanted to be a spaceman, and I asked them how their group was called. They told me they were the Infinity Knights and they protected the planets from the Empire.

After that I started practicing every day to become an Infinity Knight, and my dream was finally reached. That is how I entered the Infinity Knights.


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